Basic Physics Seminar

Basic Physics Seminar

Où? Hof ter Musschen, Av. Emmanuel Mounier 2, 1200 Brussels

Quand? 26.04.2019

The ABRO-BVRO organized every two years a basic seminar dedicated on Physics. From 2017, this seminar is divided into a Basic Physics Seminar and an Advanced Physics Seminar. These two seminars are organized every two years on a rotational schedule, one year the basic seminar is organized, the other year the advanced seminar.

This year it's time for the Basic Physics Seminar. During this one day seminar, which will be held in Brussels, 4 main topics will be discussed:

- Treatment machines for external beam radiotherapy

- Interactions of photon and electron beams in water and tissues and related dosimetrical concepts

- Radiation measurement and calibration of photon and electron beams

- Treatment planning